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Five Quick And Easy SEO Tips by Charlotte North Carolina Search Engine Optimization Services

Are you struggling to bring search traffic to your site? If you want to freshen up your current Phoenix SEO Firm strategies, give these five simple tips a try.

1. Link To Your Own Content

Don’t just focus on getting link backs. Link to relevant content on your own site. This can lower your bounce rate.

2. Use Keywords Effectively

Place keywords in your URLs, your post titles, and in the body of your posts.

3. Work To Improve Your Page Load Times

If you can decrease your page load times, you should do that. Fast sites have better search rankings.

4. Include Keywords In The Footer Of Your Site

The footer of your site is a great place for keywords! Write a keyword-laden paragraph that you can place in your site’s footer. (Honolulu Hawaii Search Engine Optimization Services)

5. Publish Content That Was Written By A Real Person

You shouldn’t publish spun or computer-generated content on your site. Have an actual writer create content for you. Search engines can tell the difference between spun content and authentic content.

There are a lot of things you can do that will improve the search rankings of your site. Use these tips, and you’ll see an improvement in no time!

Sourced from Raleigh SEO firm